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Yazan Manjah

Yazan Manjah

He comes from Middle East, but he has settled well in the Czech Republic over 20 years. He dedicated all his life to gastronomy and cooking, an important impulse for him was the participation in the Czech version of Masterchef which pushed him towards  professional gastronomy.

Among other places, Yazan worked in Prague restaurant Home Kitchen, cooked as a chef in successful bistro Jam and Co which focuses on Asian fusion, and for the last two years he has engaged in lecturing activities. That’s Asian cuisine that is close to Yazan’s heart, he cooked his first curry simply by estimating the recipe. Similarly, the Lebanese cuisine is his unforgettable "home memory” that he will never tire of:-). The creativity going hand in hand with passion and love for cooking are his investment in our courses in Ola Kala. 

Yazan gives courses in Czech or English.

In Ola Kala, he is in charge of the following courses: Thailand I. and II., Vietnam, India I. and II., Lebanese cuisine, Asian street food, Asian Fusion, South American Meats and others.

Asijské street food - ULICEMI ASIE


Typical street food from four Asian countries - Japan, China, Indonesia, India. 

Video recipe free of charge for all course participants (new in 2023).

Street on a plate: 4 courses, 4 countries, 4 distinctive tastes!

Meat, rice, spices, and homemade Asian sauces: ponzu and hoisin

Delicate, authentic and full of new techniques for the “street food” preparation.

A two-in-one experience, cooking course + wine tasting of up to 12 types of French wines (included in the cooking course).



Walk with Ola Kala through the streets of Asian cities and stop for a moment in each of them. Specifically on a market, at food stalls. Observe, sense, absorb the aroma and atmosphere. If you feel like that, buy a bit of the local “street food”. Regardless of the fact that you do not know the taste and are not entirely sure about the street hygiene here which is a little different than in Europe. Take that bit in the greasy paper in your hand and take a bite…Does it taste good? We will try to bring this story to you here in the centre of Prague.


  • Gyoza with the ponzu sauce (hand-folded stuffed homemade dumplings) - Japan

  • Pork bun (pork belly in a rice bun) - China

  • Nasi goreng (fried rice) - Indonesia

  • Gulab jamun (deliciously addictive dessert from the streets of Delhi) - India


  • to fold genuine Japanese dumplings

  • to season the proper Asian fried noodles

  • to combine a rice bun, pork belly and hoisin sauce into a tasty homemade rice “Bun”

  • to use Asian ponzu and hoisin sauces

  • to prepare an exotic dessert



How long: Start at 4:00 pm, and expected end around 8:30 pm (expect 4.5 hours).

Where: In our studio located in Korunní 115, Praha 3 – Vinohrady or studio located in Husitská 56, Praha 3 - Žižkov.

With whom: The maximum number of participants is 16. The cooking is done in pairs. Every pair prepares the complete menu.

How much: CZK 3,600, including VAT




RECIPE for everyone

DRINKS during the entire course (welcome drink, water, home-made iced tea, coffee, tea and wine)

APRON - is available to be borrowed by course participants

WINE TASTING – French wines recommended by the world famous sommelier Cédric Picot 

CERTIFICATE – after the course, you receive a certificate of course completion

SALES PROMOTION - wine, knives and other kitchen utensils


Do you want to try out best practices of street cooks and cook selected delicacies yourself? Attend the Asian Street Food – THROUGH THE STREETS OF ASIA course. Contact us for more information about the course.


Asie street gyoza detailAsie street food gyozaAsie street food bunAsie street food nasi gorengAsie street food gulab tacAsie street gulab miska

Authentic photographs from the course

Asie street food gyoza priprava Asie street food gyoza syrove Asie street food gyoza panev Asie street food gyoza panev 2 Asie street food gyoza para Asie street food gyoza talir Street pork bun Asie street food bucek Street nasi goreng Asie street food gulab panev Asie street food Yazi

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