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Luboš Rychvalský

Luboš Rychvalský

Luboš is an experienced and patient chef and lecturer who studied gastronomy and cooked in various parts of the world (Thailand, Morocco , etc.). He has mastered various nuances of not only Asian cuisines.

He made a mark in our gastronomical map as the person who created the legendary Arab restaurant Dahab located in the centre of Prague which he owned. During his life, he encountered various challenges, so he takes lecturing in Ola Kala as fun and a break from the routine. He is able to cook basically anything and does not distinguish whether it is in English or Czech. He gives courses in Czech and English.

In Ola Kala, he is in charge of the following courses: Butcher steaks, numerous private courses, special courses on request and others.

Řeznické steaky - 4 masa z lokálních farem

Butcher Steaks - 3x MEAT FROM LOCAL FARMS

Meet: Hanger Beef Fillet (Veverka), Spider Steak (Pavouček) and Skirt Steak (Oponka).

You can prepare an excellent steak not only from imported meat!

Get to know less known beef from local farms and learn how to prepare it
in a perfect manner

A two-in-one experience, cooking course + wine tasting of up to 12 types of French wines (included in the cooking course).

Crispy apple dessert on top of that.  



Butcher jargon helped to create this course. Where Hanger Beef Fillet (Veverka), Spider Steak (Pavouček) and Skirt Steak (Oponka) do come from? From what parts of a cow they are, where can they be bought and how to prepare them the best way? You will learn all about excellent and less known meats that are suitable to be prepared as steaks, including the information on what angle to use to cut the meat correctly…Get to know traditional pieces of beef that butchers often kept for themselves. You will become a real steak connoisseur on this course!


"3x butcher steak: HANGER BEEF FILLET (VEVERKA), SPIDER STEAK (PAVOUČEK), SKIRT STEAK (OPONKA), 3x side dish, 1x cake"

  • Hanger beef fillet (veverka) with roasted leek

  • Spider beef steak (pavouček), smoked cauliflower mousse, roasted colourful cauliflower

  • Skirt beef steak (oponka) in marinade,  roasted cherry tomatoes and shallots, roasted garlic mayonnaise

  • Crunchy apple pie with crumble and rum whipped cream


  • to recognise traditional Czech butcher steaks, and prepare them in an excellent manner 

  • to choose delicious and unconventional side dishes

  • everything about these meats (where to buy them, how to prepare, how to serve...)

  • cauliflower tricks: smoke cauliflower mousse, recognise romanesco

  • a quick dessert from apples and a trick for the whipped cream


How long: Start at 4:00 pm, and expected end around 8:00 pm.

Where: In our studio located in Korunní 115, Praha 3 – Vinohrady or studio located in Husitská 56, Praha 3 - Žižkov.

With whom: The maximum number of participants is 16. The cooking is done in pairs. Every pair prepares the complete menu.

How much: CZK 3,600, including VAT



RECIPE for everyone

DRINKS during the entire course (welcome drink, water, home-made iced tea, coffee, tea and wine)

APRON - is available to be borrowed by course participants

WINE TASTING – French wines recommended by the world famous sommelier Cédric Picot 

CERTIFICATE – after the course, you receive a certificate of course completion

SALES PROMOTION - wine, knives and other kitchen utensils


Do you want to try out best practices of cooks and cook selected delicacies yourself?

Attend the Butcher Steaks course. Contact us for more information about the course.


Reznicke steaky veverkaReznicke steaky pavoucekReznicke steaky oponka

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