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Tomáš Rott

Tomáš Rott

He graduated from a hospitality and catering secondary school in Prague, During his studies, he completed several internships abroad, in Liverpool and Blackpool, England.

After completing his bachelor studies in tourism at a business college, he started to gain various work experience and practice in Sardinian restaurant Ichnusa Botega Bistro located at Smíchov, then he run its sister restaurant Bisos located at Žižkov and completed a several-month internship in seaside luxury restaurant in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia. Afterwards, he worked in five-star hotel Aria, Coda restaurant, together with David Šašek. Currently, he is a chef in GamberoRosso where he serves guaranteed fresh modern Italian cuisine to his clients. Another culinary area, apart from the Mediterranean cuisine, in which he takes an active interest is sous vide. 

Tomáš gives courses in Czech and English.

In Ola Kala, he is in charge of the following courses: Introduction to French cuisine, Coq au vin and frog legs, French countryside cuisine, Modern France, Sardinia, Saltwater fish, Steak and everything from tenderloin, M.D. Rettigová, South American meats and others.

Česká kuchyně podle M. D. Rettigové

M. D. Rettigová: Tenderloin in Cream Sauce, Carlsbad Dumpling - JUST LIKE FROM GRANDMA

"Czech Made" menu:-).

Discover the magic of duck liver. 

4 top courses of the Czech culinary school.

Is there anything better than traditional cream sauce with Carlsbad dumpling served with a tenderloin?

After finishing this course, you will master the delicacies just like from grandma!

A two-in-one experience, cooking course + wine tasting of up to 12 types of French wines (included in the cooking course).



During the course inspired by the old Bohemian cuisine promoted by M.D. Rettigova you will try out how to work with duck liver, smoked bones and other “genuine” ingredients to prepare real delicacies from them. Fresh herbs will gently fine-tune the taste of each dish. This cooking will bring delight to any admirer of traditional Czech gastronomy


  • Old Bohemian cabbage soup made from smoked bones with paprika sausage

  • Duck liver prepared on dark beer

  • Sirloin in a cream sauce with Carlsbad dumpling

  • Fruit turnovers with gingerbread and clarified butter


  • to lard the meat

  • to cook dumplings in a food plastic wrap

  • the secret of preparing delicate cream sauces

  • to use herbs in Czech cuisine

  • to prepare poultry offal in a tasty manner

  • traditional Czech dessert with with flambéed plum glaze

and other tips and tricks used by professionals  


How long: Start at 4:00 pm, and expected end around 8:00 pm.

Where: In our studio located in Korunní 115, Praha 3 – Vinohrady or studio located in Husitská 56, Praha 3 - Žižkov.

With whom: The maximum number of participants is 16. The cooking is done in pairs. Every pair prepares the complete menu.

How much: CZK 3,300, including VAT




RECIPE for everyone

DRINKS during the entire course (welcome drink, water, home-made iced tea, coffee, tea and wine)

APRON - is available to be borrowed by course participants

WINE TASTING – French wines recommended by the world famous sommelier Cédric Picot 

CERTIFICATE – after the course, you receive a certificate of course completion

SALES PROMOTION - wine, knives and other kitchen utensils


Do you want to try out best practices of chefs and cook selected delicacies yourself?

Attend the CZECH CUISINE ACCORDING TO M. D. RETTIGOVA. Contact us for more information about the course.


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Authentic photographs from the course

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